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Taxi exams increasing taxi driver standards

January 19, 2010

UK taxi drivers may have to start taking an advanced driving test in order to get / retain a taxi licence as part of plans to raise driving standards.

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is planning to introduce and new and specific test for taxi drivers. They claim this will reduce accidents, increase safety on the roads and ultimately help improve the image of taxi drivers.

Existing taxi drivers would have 5 years to take the test.

This new test should have a positive impact for taxi insurance UK. For starters, underwriters should give discounts to all taxi drivers that successfully pass the test as it makes them a lower risk when insuring a taxi. This will mean that current taxi drivers will want to take the test quickly so they can get discounted taxi insurance policies.

In time, as underwriters see less accidents and claims, we might see cheaper taxi insurance in areas where there is a high pass rate of the new taxi driver exam.

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