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Who to contact

Call Sovereign Automotive

01372 751 121
(24/7 claims line)

What to do

  • If your accident is a serious one, the police and emergency service will be called. They will take all the necessary details and provide you with an incident number.
  • If your accident is less serious it will be up to you to collect all of the necessary information – you will need names, addresses and insurance details from everyone involved.
  • Make sure you do this at the scene and take any witness contact details too.
  • Call Sovereign Automotive (who we are partnered with for claims) – they will handle the whole process for you.
  • Sovereign Automotive will organise a replacement vehicle (if this is part of your policy), they will also establish who is liable for any damage and costs of repairs, and speak to all parties involved including insurance providers and any witnesses.

Sovereign Automotive

Insure Taxi have partnered with Sovereign Automotive, who are part of Kindertons Accident Management, to handle our clients claims.
No need to call us directly, Sovereign Automotive will issue you with a dedicated claims handler who will do all the work for you.
To find out more about Sovereign Automotive please visit