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Are taxi insurance premiums rising?

April 12, 2010

Every month, insureTAXI have literally hundreds of taxi drivers and taxi company owners whose taxi insurance policy comes up for renewal. And they want a lower price than last year!

With taxi insurance rising across the board – dependant on the underwriter – by 10-30% from last year, its been a huge challenge for us to keep renewal premiums for our customers at the same levels as they enjoyed last year.

We’ve had to use our expertise and relationships with our panel of underwriters (plus sheer hard work!) to ensure all insureTAXI customers are still getting the cheapest taxi insurance policy available on the market. Of course, we do enjoy an advantage over other taxi insurance brokers as our clients have the lowest numbers of claims in the market – so we tend to get better taxi insurance rates due to the fact that our customers are a lower risk to insurers.

So if you’re after a competitive renewal price for either a single taxi insurance policy or a taxi fleet insurance deal, give us a call on 0800 142 2828 or visit our website for an online taxi insurance quote.