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Taxi Insurance Deals

October 4, 2010

Despite the market trend for taxi insurance premiums rising, there are still some deals to be had.

Admittedly we at insureTAXI are having to work harder than ever to get cheap taxi insurance deals for our customers. Underwriters are under increased pressure with rising costs and claims in the economic climate, and are trying to pass these costs onto customers.

But the distinct advantage that insureTAXI has over our competitors is our low claims history and loss ratio. Simply put, insureTAXI customers have proved to be much more careful drivers that other insurers so we are able to demand lower premiums for our customers as a result of this.

We’re also careful to shop the market – we work hard on your behalf to get the cheapest taxi insurance quote available in the UK. We understand that happy customers want to stay with us, so we make sure that we go the extra mile when it comes to your taxi insurance renewal.

So for the best taxi insurance in the UK, call us on 0800 142 2828 or get an online taxi insurance quote