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Record number of enquiries for new taxi insurance policies

March 14, 2012

Given the prolonged recesssion, we have seen record number of taxi insurance enquiries from people who are new to taxi driving.

Being a taxi driver makes sense if you want to be self employed or want an additional income on top of another job. Providing you can successfully obtain a taxi badge from your local licensing authority, all you need to start earning money is a car / minibus and taxi insurance!

We won’t mislead you here…..first time taxi insurance can be expensive as you don’t have any taxi insurance no claims bonus (NCB). However, underwriters will consider giving discounts if you have private car NCB and you are willing to transfer this across to your taxi insurance – this makes sense as the premiums (and hence the discount) are a lot bigger!

Our only other piece of advice is too drive carefully! If you are claim free for a year – so no accidents or only non-fault accidents – then you will earn one years NCB and your renewal price will be a lot more attractive!

For any further advice, please call insureTAXI on 0800 142 2828 or leave your details on our online taxi insurance quote form

Posted by Tim Crighton