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Fleet Insurance for Private Hire / Public Hire

February 18, 2013

You might think it is relatively easy to provide taxi fleet insurance, coupled with first class service. Believe us, it isn’t!

Fleet policies usually start at 3 vehicles, and can be as large as 200+.

It takes a lot of hard work to obtain rates from the underwriters, who are keen to understand claims history and any associated risks when insuring a fleet. After all, there are many cars and drivers to consider, covering thousands of miles and often a vehicle can be on the road for many hours each and every week.

After the rate is obtained and the policy incepted / renewed, that’s where the work starts!

Ask any of our team pictured below, the fleet owner/manager expects them to be available on their mobile 24 hours a day to change vehicles/drivers etc. Managing a fleet, especially larger ones based in cities, is a time consuming business.

You need someone that really knows what they are doing – that’s why we have a dedicated fleet team, who have all graduated through the ranks of taxi insurance.

Call our fleet team to find out more on 0800 142 2833 or visit for more information.
Posted by Tim Crighton