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Newport Taxi firm launches own smartphone app

February 19, 2013

This week the insureTAXI  team have enjoyed reading about C & H, a taxi firm from Newport who recently launched a new smartphone app that allows passengers to book a taxi using their Android or iphone mobiles.

The company launched the app late last year in order to alleviate the pressures of high call volumes and to make it easier for customers to secure a lift home during the busy festive period. CEO Jeb Corby says ‘”It’s a phenomenal improvement on our service; people who use the app will have their lives made so much easier.”

According to a news release from the company, information from trip request will go directly from the app to C&H’s computer system.  After a passenger has input their location and required destination they are then assigned a cab number. This allows them to track the cab and keeps them updated on arrival time. Customers also have the security of knowing that when a cab arrives it is there for them.

The app has been an exciting step for the forward thinking company, who also provided free taxi’s to customers on New Year’s Eve  in a bid to keep drink drivers off the road. Referring to the latest innovation to their service, Corby said, ‘”It’s just us keeping up with or ahead of the times.’

However he also makes it clear that the purpose of the tool is not to improve the speed in which a taxi will arrive but just to make the whole booking process more convenient.  

 “One of the big things in the taxi industry is that people want to do things quickly,” he said. Unfortunately, the app will not make a taxi arrive more quickly. However the other thing is, people want to know what’s going on with their taxi. They’ll call and call wondering where their taxis are now they don’t have to do that.”

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Posted by Tim Crighton