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*FERRARIS, Lamborghinis & Smart Cars to chauffeur passengers in Chester!* – insurance team report

October 15, 2013

Cabbies could soon be picking passengers up in one of these!

Chester Cabbies could soon be picking passengers up in one of these!

Our taxi insurance team can reveal that members of the Cheshire West and Cheshire (CWaC) licensing committee have voted to change the rules on private hire vehicles, allowing two-seater cars to pick up passengers.

The new rules are designed with the intention of giving customers “greater choice” and will allow taxi companies to ask the Council to approve two-seater vehicles as long as they have not been modified in anyway, comply with the necessary safety standards, have two doors and two seats.

One of the most common types of vehicle expected to be used as a two-seater taxi is the Smart Car, designed for both safety and comfort despite its size. However, even prestigious vehicles like Ferraris and Lamborghinis (presumably offering a chauffeur service) will be considered.

Complaints from taxi drivers

Unfortunately, the move has not gone down well so far will local taxi drivers who believe this is a “backwards step” with regards to customer service. Concerns surrounding the problems that two-seaters could cause customers with guide dogs, wheel chairs and heavy luggage as well as general safety issues have been raised.

Tommy Owens of Unite Union said: “There’s a strong feeling that these cars are not up to the job.  Why should a person have to sit in the front with the driver. They are limiting the person’s choice for sitting in the vehicle.”

He continued: “The actual vehicle itself is not safe . If there is an impact on a four-door vehicle you can get out of the back usually but in a two-door there’s no chance.”

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