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“Play fair, pay your fare!” Weymouth taxi drivers new scheme

November 5, 2013

Our taxi insurance team can reveal that passengers in Weymouth and Portland are now being asked to pay for taxi services up front in an attempt to clamp down on fare dodgers.

Taxi firms in the area have now resorted to asking customers for payment at the start of their journey due to a series of offences relating to the non-payment of fares.

Incidents prompting this action include a surge in the number of passengers running off from cabs without paying, passengers being ‘too drunk’ to pay or simply not having the cash to cover their fare. Unsurprisingly, City cabbies say that are becoming sick of customers getting into their vehicles with no intention of paying.

Getting away with fraud

Despite many of these incidents being reported to local police, unfortunately most of the people committing these offences have not been charged.

Jim Harris, a taxi driver of ten years explains: “Police say it’s a ‘grey area’ or a civil matter and there’s nothing they can do. This is fraud and people are getting away with it.”

The decision to enforce pre-payment came after a meeting with local private hire firms, hackney carriage drivers and licensing officials to discuss these problems.

Look out for posters

Taxi firm, Weyline is taking the lead on this campaign after managing director Ian Ferguson arranged promotional materials complete with the slogan ‘Play fair, pay your fair, to explain new procedures to customers.  Get the full story including pictures in this months issue of PHTM Magazine now>>

Our taxi insurance team would like wish Weymouth cabbies luck in protecting their livelihoods!

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Posted by Tim Crighton