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Taxi for Barlow!

February 12, 2014

Gary Barlow’s wife spotted cruising through the London traffic in her privately owned black cab!

After the recent spate of tube strikes, Dawn Barlow made the decision to avoid the traffic chaos by cruising through the hectic London traffic this week in her own distinctive black taxi cab.

She looked content driving around in the unconventional car which is available to purchase from around £25,000. In the early days of the taxi, most of the drivers rented the vehicles from a proprietor who owned a fleet. Nowadays, the opposite is true. Most drivers own their own cars, and only a few fleets of a significant size remain.

The power to drive in bus lanes and avoid parking tickets has made the car an attractive option for celebrities in search of anonymity. Sid James, Laurence Olivier, Stanley Kubrick and the Duke of Edinburgh have all driven their own personal cabs, as have Stephen Fry and Kate Moss. Arnold Schwarzenegger even had a fleet of black taxis shipped out to California!

So are privately owned taxis the start of a new trend?

Wouldn’t this mode of transport be ideal to get you through the busy London city traffic?

Did you know all London cabbies need to complete the tough test known as “The Knowledge” can you imagine the rich and famous having to pass such as test?!

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