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Fascinating Facts about Taxis!

February 21, 2014

taxi sign Fascinating Facts!!

Did you know?……..

  • Taxi drivers are not legally obliged to give change.
  • Only one percent of London’s taxi drivers are women.
  • A hackney carriage was originally a carriage drawn by an ambling horse or mare, but the name is now synonymous with a taxi, particularly London’s black cabs. The English capital’s last horse drawn carriage received its licence in 1946 (and surrendered it in 1947), although some other licensing authorities, such as York, still license horse drawn taxis.
  • In 1986 14,000 taxicabs were driving in the streets of London. In ten years their number had grown already to 17,000.
  • If you see a cab with a light on top displaying the word ‘TAXI’, this means they are available for hire. When they are hired, the light is switched off.
  • If you want to hail a cab, you just have to stick out your arm when the taxi is approaching and it will stop next to you. Make sure you are standing in a sensible place on the street (avoid bus stops and pedestrian crossings!)
  • DO NOT shout ‘TAXI!’ at a moving black cab. This is technically against the law and they will not stop for you!
  • A cab must be tall enough to accommodate someone wearing a bowler hat?
  • Unlike other cities where the taxi industry operates on a fleet/rental basis, most cabs in London are driver-owned and in effect are independent businesses.
  • You’re stepping into “shop” each time to you get in a cab!
  • The iconic London black cab doesn’t have to be black? White, red, blue and green are all common.
  • You’re stepping into “shop” each time to you get in a cab!
  • A black cab “turns on a two pence” – with a turning circle of 25ft to easily navigate narrow streets.
  • To be a London cabbie you need to take “The knowledge” test before getting their licence! This is an in-depth knowledge of the routes and attractions in London and takes about three years to learn. Taxicabs drivers need to make snap decisions within a split second, without looking at a map, and they need to navigate anywhere within a six mile area of the centre London.
  • All taxis whether they are for public or private hire need insurance.
  • If your taxi is off the road you loose money! insureTAXi can get you a plated replacement vehicle in 24 hours.

Posted by Tim Crighton

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