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Suffer with back pain? Take advantage of discounted physiotherapy with insureTAXI

March 7, 2014

As a taxi driver, you spend many hours sat down behind the wheel of your vehicle. In fact, a massive 70% of our respondents to the insureTAXI 2013 Taxi Driver Survey said they worked more than 40 hours a week (some many more than 40 hours!).

So it’s important that you feel comfortable while driving and able to work as many hours as you wish without any discomfort.

Are you suffering with back pain or other ailments?

Are you about having to take time off work because of this?

Of course you are, you can’t afford to!!

County Insurance and CTC healthcare are working together to offer proactive advice to drivers across the UK to help combat back pain and help you stay in work. You might have seen the “Prevention and Management of Lower Back Pain” leaflet in your recent policy documents.

Having an injury or being in pain can cost you time and money. It also increases your chances of having an accident whilst driving as pain interferes with your concentration levels.

Through a simple telephone triage service, you can act now and take control of your back pain as oppose to it taking control of you!

The initial telephone call might well solve all your problems via emailing you videos, exercise sheets and advice leaflets.

If you need a treatment session, the triage service will recommend a local provider for you to go and see.

The initial triage service is very affordable and this is money well spent if it means you are pain free and able to earn more money.

Please call 0800 630 0462 and quote “insureTAXI” when you call.


ctc healthcare have partners across the UK and Ireland - call to find your nearest clinic

ctc healthcare have partners across the UK and Ireland – call to find your nearest clinic

How to make an appointment:

Call 0800 630 0462

You may have to wait 3 days to see your GP & a further 6 weeks to see a Physiotherapist through the NHS

1) A telephone triage appointment with an experienced physiotherapist will be arranged within 24 working hours by an administrator2) 30 minute sessions providing a possible diagnosis, advice and education. Resources such as videos, exercise sheets and advice leaflets are provided.3) Follow up appointments can be arranged to check your progress or a hands on treatment session will be arranged with a local provider should we feel that you are in need of immediate attention 

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