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Bradford taxis to become moving billboards

August 13, 2014

Thanks to new technology, cabs in Bradford are being used as mobile billboards. The rear windows of taxis will advertise Taxi companies by using contra vision technology, a see through graphic advertisement. This will enable the ad to be visible on the outside, but the window is clear for the driver. There are no safety implications because of this factor and the taxi drivers can see clearly out of the back of the car. Advertisement on this part of the car has never been done because of the lack of visibility for the drivers and safety aspects that aren’t there.

This new, innovative idea in Bradford is the only one of its kind in West Yorkshire, although it has been done in other parts of the country such as Birmingham and Manchester, so having the advertising concept in Bradford really helps Taxi businesses.

The man who made this happen is John Conlon, he  places adverts on the back of cabs from his home. He hopes to target other hackney carriages on the roads to get this form of advertising. The charge for these adverts is £100 per month per taxi for the advertising service. Taxi drivers would hope to get the money from the extra taxi advertising for their company, targeting a different approach for selling their company.

Mr Conlon commented: “These adverts are a way of utilising the space and it is another source of income. He added: ‘The adverts will bring more business and customers to the Bradford area”.

Graphic advertisement could spread to other taxi companies if the ones in Bradford are a success.  This type of advertising is a thing of the future and in Mr Conlon’s eyes it will be very popular all over Bradford.

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