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Taxi convoy at beach side resort for charity

August 13, 2014

The resort of New Brighton was flooded with colourful, balloon covered taxis generously ushering almost 80 children from the royal school for the blind, Wavertree and St Vincent school through the town. The unusual sight is to help blind and sensory impaired children have a fun day and to make the most of the sunny weather.

A group of almost 40 decorated taxis were escorted by the police to perform this charitable event and dominate the resort’s roads. The children are driven  around the resort attracting spectators from all over the resort at the amazing sight.

Children are given the day out to get outside and have an enjoyable experience which is different from the schools that they are in every day. This rare event only happens once a year, and the the special journey is all a donation and is free of charge to all the children that attend.

This annual day out is organised by a retired Taxi driver called Chris Lysaght, a committee member who takes pleasure in making a child’s day better and takes pride when watching the convoy arrive.

He told the Liverpool Echo “you talk to the children, especially the older ones, and it’s the highlight of their year.”

“It’s tear jerking sometimes seeing them enjoy themselves, they absolutely love it.”

The delight of Chris and the children helps the day to be enjoyable for anybody that attends.

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