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Which taxi vehicles are the most environmentally friendly?

November 10, 2014

As a taxi driver, ensuring you have the right vehicle is key to your business. Here at Insure taxi, we recommend a car with 5 comfortable seats and ample boot space. As a taxi driver you are selling a service and therefore expected to have a stylish car that reflects high quality.

But what about the logistics of running a taxi? When buying a vehicle which you intend to insure as a taxi, it is crucial that you research how economical the car is, as this will save you fuel, the cost of tax and also the cost of insurance.

Here at Insure Taxi, we have compiled a list of vehicles which we recommend

BMW 3 Series

There’s a reason BMW’s are at the top of the price ladder – not only do they look smart and drive smoothly but they are also dubbed ‘The most eco-friendly car firm’. The BMW series 316ES is very a popular choice amongst taxi drivers, due to its low fuel emissions of 116, stop start engine and diesel tank which holds up to 67.2 miles per gallon. This car is also in a low insurance bracket, making it well worth the cost in the long run.

Skoda Octavia

Not only has Skoda shaken off its bad reputation but with its launch of the Octavia saloon, Skoda has really stepped up its game. With a classic design based on the Volkswagen Golf and a huge 590 litre boot it’s no wonder this model is a top choice for taxi drivers. The Octavia greenline 2 litre diesel engine produces a very low 89g of C02 and returns a huge 88 mpg. If you’re looking for a suitable taxi vehicle on a lower budget, the Skoda Octavia is definitely worth considering.

Toyota Prius Hybrid

The Toyota Prius is also a popular choice amongst taxi drivers, due to it’s sleek design, powerful engine and automatic gearbox. The Prius is dubbed ‘one of the most environmentally friendly cars on the road’, due to the fact it can run on electric power alone. The 1.8 diesel engine returns 72 miles per gallon and its C02 emissions are a very low 89g. Whilst at the top of the price ladder, this economical car is well worth investing in.

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