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Tips on saving money on your taxi insurance

December 4, 2014

At InsureTaxi, we strive to save you money on your taxi insurance while always maintaining our high standards of customer service and cover.

We have over 11 years’ experience in dealing with taxi drivers and we know that saving money on taxi insurance is a priority for many of you. That’s why we’ve put together these top tips to help you save on your taxi insurance policy.

1. Clean driving record – Having a clean driving record can reduce the cost of your taxi insurance premiums massively as insurance companies see you as less of a risk than drivers that have points and convictions.

2. No Claims Bonus – A No Claims Bonus (NCB) can be earned once you are the policyholder of your insurance. Drivers get rewarded with a NCB by having no accidents throughout the year and over time this allows you to save a serious amount of money.

3. Any driver policies– Having an any driver policy can increase your taxi insurance premiums – this is because you will be allowing anyone to drive the vehicle over the age of 21 or 25 and this is seen as a higher risk as those drivers could have a number of points and convictions. At InsureTaxi, we would recommend naming the drivers you wish to have on your policy (if you know them), especially if they have a clean driving licence.

4. Paying monthly – Paying your taxi insurance in monthly installments will slightly increase the amount you pay throughout the year. However, this can be a good option because rather than people being unable to drive, or driving without insurance, they will be able spread the costs of their taxi insurance over 12 months.

5. Compare the market – At InsureTaxi, we would highly recommend using a specialist broker like ourselves who can shop the market on your behalf. We use a panel of over 18 specialist insurance companies who will get you the price and cover to meet your demands.

InsureTaxi is one of the UK’s leading taxi insurance brokers, providing some of the best advice on taxi insurance in the country. Call our friendly team today on 0333 2000 094 for more information, a quick quote or advice on insurance discounts for new taxi drivers.