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Do chauffeurs need taxi insurance?

December 9, 2014

Chauffeurs and taxi drivers offer a fairly similar service and both require specialist cover for hire and reward. However, it is a common misconception that exactly the same type of insurance is suitable for both parties.

When shopping the market for insurance, it is essential that you are as open and honest as possible with your insurance provider or broker about the nature of your work as any discrepancies could invalidate your cover.

Not sure if you are providing a taxi or chauffeur service?

Private hire taxi vehicles (minicabs) are passenger vehicles which can be a four-door saloon/hatchback, carrying up to four passengers, or MPVs that are licensed to carry between five and eight passengers. These may not be hailed in the street and have to pre-booked.

Public hire/hackney carriages (taxis) can be flagged down in the street or hired from a taxi rank.

Chauffeur cars are a sub-set of private hire – generally a higher value car such as a Mercedes or Jaguar where the passenger pays a premium but in return receives a higher level of comfort and courtesy from the driver, some of whom wear a uniform.

Specific criteria is required for chauffeur insurance cover:

  • 90% of their work must be contract.
  • They are not to take more than 10% cash for a job.
  • They do not have a two-way radio in the vehicle.

There are three types of cover for chauffeur insurance:

  • Third party only chauffeur insurance – This is the most basic of cover for taxi insurance and covers you for third party bodily injury and damage to third party property.
  • Third party fire and theft chauffeur insurance – This covers all of the above plus fire and theft cover.
  • Comprehensive chauffeur insurance – This insurance covers both of the above plus accidental damage to your taxi.

InsureTaxi provide competitive insurance for private and public hire taxi drivers and chauffeurs. For more information, a quick quote or advice on insurance discounts for new chauffeur drivers in the UK, call our friendly team of taxi insurance experts today on 0333 2000 094.