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What is an ‘any driver’ taxi insurance policy?

December 16, 2014

Any driver taxi insurance enables any driver over the age of 25 to drive the vehicle insured.

The benefit of having an any driver insurance policy is that any driver can drive any insured vehicle at any time. This would benefit taxi firms or individuals with multiple vehicles and multiple drivers. Taxi drivers with single vehicles would not benefit as much from an any driver insurance policy as the premium for one vehicle with this risk can be more expensive. For example, if a policyholder insures one additional driver, the premiums are generally 10% more (depending on their age, convictions and claims history) and often there is no additional cost to add a spouse onto the policy.

If a policy features several vehicles and several drivers, the cost would increase dramatically to name each driver on each vehicle. Taxi insurance brokers manage taxi insurance policies and will organise any additional drivers to be added to a policy. In the event of having named drivers on a policy and an additional driver being required, there would be an increased premium for each driver as well as a mid-term adjustment (MTA) charge. If this was a situation where a company wanted to insure a driver for a specific period of time, a weekend for example, then the broker would charge for the time they are covered and amend the policy.

In the event of a policy featuring several vehicles, an any driver risk would ensure the flexibility to hire drivers with no notice. There could be times where one of the drivers is ill and cannot work as a result, so an any driver policy would then allow another driver to take the vehicle out and work with no disruption to business. A all-round benefit for everyone.

There may be situations where a higher risk driver needs to be insured, often the case if the driver is under 25 or if they have major convictions on their licence. The average any driver policy covers all taxi drivers between the ages of 25 – 69/70 with minor convictions like speeding or a mobile phone conviction. However, if someone has a major conviction such as drink driving or a driving without insurance conviction, then these drivers will have to be referred to the insurance company to see whether they can be covered.

This is done by simply contacting the broker and requesting the driver to be named on the policy. If they accept, the driver will be named on the policy and a potential premiums increase in may apply. If you are concerned or wish to query any of the potential drivers, it is better to be safe than sorry and by making a quick call to your broker you will be sure to comply with the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

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