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Do I lose my No Claims Bonus if I make a single claim?

December 18, 2014

The only circumstance in which you will lose your No Claims Bonus is if the accident was deemed to be your fault.

An example of this is if a car bumps into your taxi and you want to make a claim to fix the damage – in this case your No Claims Bonus will not be affected. However, if you were to bump into a car and you needed to claim to fix their vehicle or even to fix the damage on your own taxi, then unfortunately your No Claims Bonus would be affected as you are the driver responsible for the collision.

You can only protect your No Claims Bonus once you have reached the maximum number of nine years. There are some companies, however, that can protect your No Claims Bonus if you only have just the four years. If you have protection for your No Claims Bonus then most companies allow you to have up to two fault claims without them being affected.

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