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Am I protected from damage to the vehicle?

January 5, 2015

Just like typical car insurance, taxi insurance is available in three levels. The type of policy that you have determines whether or not you are protected from damage to your vehicle.

1)      Third party only taxi insurance

Third party only taxi insurance is the most basic type of policy. It does not cover your vehicle if it’s stolen, catches fire or damaged. If you are involved in accident that is found to be your fault, this type of taxi insurance policy only covers the cost of any third party vehicles involved and not your own.

2)      Third party, fire and theft taxi insurance

Third party, fire and theft taxi insurance is the same of the above but includes the added benefits of covering your vehicle for fire damage and for theft.

3)      Comprehensive taxi insurance

Comprehensive taxi insurance offers the most protection and is generally (but not always!) the most expensive type of cover. However, it does mean that your vehicle is covered for all accidents for damage repair and replacement, no matter who is deemed responsible for the accident.

Most taxi insurance policies do include public liability insurance which provides cover should your passengers become injured as a result of an accident that was your fault. However, it’s important not to automatically assume this and double check the details of your policy.

Please note that all types of taxi insurance policies have an initial excess amount which is your responsibility to pay in event of a claim.

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