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Great rates no matter what your circumstances

January 20, 2015

Finding competitive taxi insurance when you are based in a busy city centre or have multiple claims or convictions isn’t always easy. New taxi drivers may also find that they are faced with higher premiums as providers see their risk as uncertain due to having no driving history.

Luckily, Insure Taxi specialises in offering insurance for people who have an unfortunate driving record. We compare quotes from an extensive panel of providers and with over 11 years’ experience, we know who is likely to offer the most favourable terms for your circumstances.

Take a look at our case studies below where we have highlighted some real life examples and how we’ve helped our clients in each scenario.*

If you would like to discuss your individual circumstances just call 0333 2000 094 or fill in our short online enquiry form now and we’ll be in touch.

Stuart Lewis – New taxi driver

As a new taxi driver based in the busy city of Preston, Stuart had been finding it increasingly difficult to discover an insurer that would cover him at an affordable rate. To make things worse, at just 25 years’ old, he had only gained his full UK car license 3 years’ earlier and although he had no claims or convictions, his lack of driving experience meant that he was being faced with expensive quotes. Insure Taxi offer generous discounts to new drivers and business ventures. After comparing prices from our panel, we were able to save Stuart around £600 on his target rate!


Sajjad Sadiq – Claims & convictions

A series of unfortunate bumps and getting caught out by a speed camera left Sajjad with 4 fault claims and 3 points on his license. As his no claims bonus wasn’t protected, this meant that he had zero years’ no claims bonus to use and was therefore faced with a hefty renewal premium from his current provider. He approached us to shop the market for him and we were able to to save him over £400 on his renewal price despite his spell of bad driving.


Hassan Ali – Young City Centre driver

Hassan is a 24 year old, new taxi license holder based in the City Centre of London. As you can imagine, some of the quotes that he’d sourced were extortionate and would have significantly reduced his income if he’d gone ahead with them. The problem is that young/inexperienced drivers and those who work in congested cities, are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident. However, Insure Taxi has great working relationships with a large panel of taxi insurance providers and can often source policies at lower rates due to our ‘bulk-buying power.’ In Hassan’s case, we were able to get him the right cover for around £550 cheaper than he had been quoted elsewhere!


John Taylor – Multiple convictions & a fault claim

During his three years as a private hire taxi driver in Leeds, John Taylor had racked up a total of 14 points on his license and had an outstanding claim for £4,500 due to an accident that had occurred 6 months earlier. Among his list of convictions were an 1N10, an SP30 and a TS10 and he had zero years’ no claims bonus due to the accident. Despite this, our team of specialists were able to offer him insurance on his Toyata Avenis for just £3,750. Even though he covered about 30,000 miles a year and had previously been quoted in excess of £5,000 by some providers!

*All case studies are based on Insure Taxi’s existing clients at the time of publishing and premiums will have taken other factors into account and not just those mentioned in the case study. Personal details such as clients’ names have been changed to comply with data protection.