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The benefits of taxi insurance

January 27, 2015

The benefits of taxi insurance are that it will insure the serving to the driver, passengers, other taxi and their vehicles.

We know that for a taxi driver their taxi is more than just a transport, and that it is the essential for their business therefore it must be protected in the best possible way. It will definitely be a good idea to obtain some kind of insurance on your taxi as it safeguards your business and income.

The key types of taxi insurance

Third party only – This is the lowest legally allowed insurance that a taxi driver is obliged to take, but this insurance does not cover if the vehicle is stolen, catches on fire or own damage. If you are in an accident and it’s found to be your fault, this insurance policy only covers third party vehicles involved in an accident and not your own.

Breakdown Recovery – Breakdown recovery offers support when your vehicle breaks down. This insurance is an absolute must if you consider how much driving that the average taxi driver must do. We support to types of breakdown recovery covers, standard £99 (over 1 mile from home) and standard including homestart £119.

Public Liability – This insurance will help in case of finding yourself in the position of being liable for any damages during an accident/incident.

Comprehensive Coverage – This insurance might be the best type of insurance as it will cover any kind of road incidents and accidents, whether the driver is liable or not and this allows the driver to make claims for theft and vandalism.

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