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Your Guide to Chauffeur’s Insurance

February 3, 2016

At insureTAXI, we offer all kinds of taxi insurance to make sure you and your passengers are covered in the event of an accident. One policy that falls under this category is our chauffeur insurance, to those offering a private transport service, perhaps for special occasions or for more executive passengers.

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Our chauffeur insurance caters for a slightly difference kind of taxi-service and therefore offers add-ons and policies that are more directed towards private hire and reward drivers. A chauffeur service usually functions on a client contract basis, with the use of executive model vehicles such as BMW, Jaguar, Bentley, etc, which is why chauffeur insurance works to cover risks that aren’t always present in regular taxi services.

Your Vehicle

With our chauffeur insurance policy, we will also accommodate for the type of vehicle you’re driving, whether they be executive cars or limousines. We’ll aim to give you a fair price with several add-on policies which could benefit your type of business such as limited mileage discounts which cater for wedding cars and vehicles for other similar events.

Wedding car insurance is incorporated within our chauffeur policy, and takes into account different types of classic cars used for wedding transportation as well as fleets of wedding cars if required.

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Your Customer

It may be likely that more highly paid individuals in more executive positions may require your driving services, or perhaps celebrities who need a private and discreet mode of transport that a standard taxi service doesn’t provide.

This could mean that they have a higher liability claim, which is why it would be wise to consider investing in public or employers liability insurance in the event of an incident whilst in your care.

Our Service

Even though we offer a range of different taxi insurances, from public hire to private hire, you’ll be expertly advised by members of our team who specialise in different types of insurance, including individuals who solely deal with chauffeurs.

We aspire to give you first class customer service and guidance on which policies work best for you, so feel free to contact us to discuss your options at 0333 2000 094. Alternatively, you can get a quick quote today via our online quote page, or you can reach on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn