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Be Prepared: Driving a 9-16 Seater Minibus

March 20, 2019

Minibuses with 9–16 seats require special considerations because the weight distribution of passengers and the high centre of gravity make them more difficult to control

Minibus - Driving a 9 - 16 seater minibus

When you’re behind the wheel, we want to ensure that you’re staying as safe as possible when you’re driving your minibuses. We have compiled together a few safety tips for you to keep in mind when you’re driving to keep yourself and passengers safe.

General Best Practices:

  • Be aware of how the minibus’s height and width impact upon its stability
  • Load and unload passengers in a safe place. Check doors to ensure they are closed
  • The driver and passengers must always use seat belts
  • Before setting off, check the position of the mirrors to ensure they are adjusted properly for maximum vision
  • Use mirrors or spotters when merging or reversing to ensure adequate clearance
  • Allow longer stopping and following distances
  • Plan turns in advance to allow adequate space
  • Drive defensively and keep alert in order to respond quickly and safely to unexpected situations.
  • Use extra caution when driving in bad weather conditions

Manoeuvring Tips:

  • Create more space around the minibus by reducing or increasing speed
  • Signal intentions by engaging indicators early
  • Use the merge lane as intended and designed. Use the mirrors as needed.
  • Yield the right-of-way, when necessary
  • Ask for passenger assistance, if needed, to verify manoeuvring for merging

Stopping and Following Distances:

  • Minibuses weigh more and take longer to stop, especially when loaded with passengers and/or equipment
  • Observe greater stopping distances when travelling in bad weather conditions
  • Leave a three- to four-second following distance between the minibus the vehicle in front of the minibus

If you have any other safety tips, please let us know! We would love to hear them. If an accident does occur, make sure you have the correct cover in place. At insureTAXI, we provide high quality minibus insurance at a competitive price. Complete our quote form or call our friendly team on 0333 200 0071. If you’re looking for other types of taxi insurance such as private hire, chauffeur or weekly, we’re also able to help! Get in touch with our highly experienced team.